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Miranda test

The next generation of lighting control

  • A new way of thinking about lighting control
  • “Islands of Control” allow for distributed lighting systems, controlled synchronously from anywhere
  • Multiple output options can be combined within one system
  • Infinitely scalable, modular and flexible
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics reduce time spent on service calls

What is Miranda?

Miranda isn’t just a lighting controller – it’s a whole new way of looking at lighting systems.  Using Miranda removes old barriers and opens up a world of possibilities, facilitating things that couldn’t be done before, like building a mile of synchronized business district lighting one block at a time, or using cell modems on two sister bridges to let them run cues together.

The next generation of lighting controls isn’t bigger or more powerful.  It’s easy to commission, easy to monitor, and easy to use.  It’s Miranda.

Okay, but what does it do?

Rather than thinking of a lighting system as a single set of DMX universes, Miranda lets you create “Islands of Control.”  These Islands (individual Mirandas) run autonomously, controlled from anywhere, but still stay synchronized, allowing them to be deployed in applications where you would never have thought to stream lighting control between locations.

The modular nature of the Miranda system makes it infinitely scalable, easy to install, program and use, and perfectly suited for everything from a few fixtures in an actor’s home to a 2-mile long bridge with thousands of fixtures.

Key Features

Bloomfield Business District

Building a mile-long lighting network, one block at a time.

Infinitely Scalable

  • modular controls can be distributed based on each project’s needs
  • mix and match devices to support both DMX fixtures and addressable LEDs with the same control system
  • seamless operation between controllers allows for synchronized playback, even while on different networks

Homestead Grays Bridge

Lit up purple the night Prince died, with a click of a button on the
end-user’s phone

Easy to Install and Use

  • easy for electrical contractors, and even end-users, to install – just connect to power and internet, and Miranda is online
  • setup and programming can be done completely remotely, as can many diagnostics and repairs – greatly reduces the need to send techs to the job site 
  • easy web interface gives end users ability to trigger cues from anywhere
Online premiere party featuring 3 actors streaming from their homes, with lighting controlled by a designer from his own home.

Little Cinema Premiere Party

Online premiere party featuring 3 actors streaming from their homes, with lighting controlled by a designer from his own home.

Intuitive, Flexible Programming from Anywhere

  • intuitive programming interface makes writing cues and updating showfiles quick and simple
  • cloud connectivity lets integrators and designers set up the controller, program cues, and update show files from anywhere
  • capable of running complex, dynamic effects, as well as simple snapshots and direct control of fixtures via web or app

Choose your Miranda

Miranda DMX

Installation controller for 2 universes of DMX


Portable controller for 2 universes of DMX


Miranda Lighting Controls