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Prospero Mini

Prospero 1000 X 2000

compact DMX Cue Light Controller

  • RGB LEDs permit brightness and color control without opening the panel

  • One switch can be designated as group control and allows all switches to be thrown with a single switch.

  • Comfortable-to-operate desktop unit
  • Outputs can be patched as either 1-channel control or 3-channel RGB control


The Story

Prospero Mini is a scaled-down, 9-switch version of our popular Broadway standard cue light controller. With fixed switches and 9 color-changing LEDs in a desktop consolette, the LED colors can be easily changed without opening the controller, making it faster and simpler to configure than the full-size Prospero model.

Metal bat-style switches ensure a long switch life, even with heavy-handed operators. These switches are user-replaceable with any 1/2” bushing switch, and both SPST and SPDT switch configurations are supported. There is a full inch for label tape between the switches and LEDs, and the steel face plate allows you to use magnets for labels instead of tape.

Prospero Mini can output either one full universe of DMX directly, or up to 4 universes of sACN via Ethernet. Switches can be patched to any address within the DMX universe or any universe+address in sACN. Additionally, one switch can be configured as the group switch, which then controls the other 8.

For the Stage Manager

Prospero Mini
  • 1” label space between switches and LEDs

  • High quality metal switches, user- replaceable

  • Switches can be arbitrarily mapped to output addresses across multiple universes

For the Electrician

Prospero Mini
  • DMX or sACN output – no proprietary protocols
  • PoE or external power supply

  • Compact Size

Product Details

  • Size: 8.84”L x 4.48”W x 3.73”H, 45° face tilt
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Color: black. White available upon request.
  • (9) Metal bat toggles with minimum 50,000 cycle mechanical life
  • (9) RGB color changing LEDs, user configurable
  • Power: External 12VDC power supply, 12W or PoE
  • PoE standards: 802.3af, Class 0, or passive 48VDC @ 3W
  • Output: DMX-512A via 5-pin XLR-M
  • Ethernet: EtherCON, 10BASE-T connectivity
  • sACN Output: 4 universes max, user- configurable priority