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Prospero Cue Light (PCL)

Prospero 1000 X 2000

Ethernet-based cue light

  • Large 30mm industrial LED indicators
  • Can be configured as either two redundant indicators lighting together or two independent (different colored) indicators
  • Indicators are single color, available in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White
  • Fits in a standard 1-1/2” deep, 4” square backbox
  • 802.3af PoE, 48VDC passive PoE (portable unit), or external DC power (installation unit), 12W max
  • sACN or DMX input (1 or 2 channels)


The Story

The Prospero Cue Light (PCL) is an ethernet-based cue light that integrates perfectly with the Prospero Cue Light Controller, as well as other control systems that support sACN and/or DMX. It is a simple system with options for both permanently installed and portable cue lights.

The PCL can function as either a single cue light, with both indicators the same color, or two cue lights with different colored indicators. Indicators are LED-based and available in 5 different colors. The PCL can be controlled by either sACN or DMX.

The portable PCL is built into a Hubbell black rubber portable box with a 25’ etherCON tail attached and a safety loop for tie-off, while the installation version fits in a standard 4” square backbox.

Custom configurations (rack mounted, multiple units in a single box, etc.) are also quotable upon request. Alternative indicators are also available.

For the Stage Manager

Prospero Cue Light

For the Electrician

Prospero Cue Light

Product Details

  • Size: 4”W x 4”H x approx. 1.25”D
  • Standard RJ45 connector for Ethernet
  • 3.85mm pluggable Phoenix connectors for external power and DMX