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Rosalind Lite

Roz_Reversed 1X2 ratio

Lighting Controller

  • Single-gang lighting controller
  • Standard gang plates
  • Power is 12-50VDC
  • RGB programmable LEDs
  • Programmable over RDM
  • 8 DMX snapshots


The Story

Rosalind Lite is a simple snapshot lighting controller built into a button station. 8 DMX snapshots are programmable using any DMX source, with expanded features programmable via RDM.

Additionally, the controller can be used in situations where pass-through DMX is needed. If a DMX signal is present on the input (i.e., a console is connected), Rosalind Lite will just pass the data through. If signal is lost, it’ll return to playing its presets.

For the Integrator

Rosalind Lite
  • Fits in a standard 1-gang backbox
  • Available in black or white
  • Buttons available in 1-8 or 1-7 & OFF
  • Easily programmable using any DMX source
  • Optional DMX pass-through overrides

For the End User

Rosalind Lite
  • 8 RGB backlit buttons can be set globally to any color
  • Stores up to 8 snapshots
  • Strike through/off mode for layering looks 
  • Customizable long-and short-press button settings
Roz Lite VS Roz Pro

Product Details


• 8 RGB-backlit buttons
• Fits in a standard 1-gang backbox
• (2) 3.81mm Phoenix connectors for DMX in & out
• Power is 12-50VDC
• Standard in white or black with screwless cover plate
• Custom engraved keycap sets available, sold separately


• Snapshots can be pile-on with highest- takes-precedence or one-at-a-time
• Optional DMX pass-through overrides preset functionality when signal is present
• Button colors can be globally programmed