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Prospero 1000 X 2000

DMX Cue Light Controller

  • 3.5″ tall, rack-mountable
  • outputs up to 24 channels of DMX
  • controls dimmers, relay packs, standalone lights, even fog machines
  • modular switch panels provide a variety of options for channel control
  • reconfigurable show-to-show
  • all the benefits of a custom cue light controller without the cost of custom faceplates


The Story

In 2013, a Broadway electrician came to us in search of a better cue light controller. Working closely with him, we developed the Prospero to the specifications of Broadway electricians and stage managers. Since it went into production in 2014, it has been used on more than 75 Broadway productions and tours, as well as numerous installations in regional theatres and road houses. (You can find a mostly-complete list of Prospero installations here.)

Because the Prospero was designed in collaboration with both stage managers and electricians, it has features that make it a great choice for both of them.

For the Stage Manager

  • Sturdy toggle switches with long levers for easy use and physical feedback of actuation
  • Reconfigurable face panels for custom colors and groupings of switches,
    allowing the panel to be designed for maximum usability
  • Ample 1″ label space between switch and LED

For the Electrician

  • DMX output – no proprietary protocols
  • Use any DMX-controlled system for your cue lights –
    no need to buy specialized equipment
  • Slide fader, dial fader and 2-toggle options available
  • Rack-mountable

Product Details

Size: 2RU (19”x3.5”) x 8”D
Weight: 11 lbs.

Switch plate options:

  • One toggle switch with colored LED indicator
  • Two toggle switches with colored LEDs
  • Slide fader
  • Dial fader

  • Blank plate
  • 4-space blank plate

Front panel includes space for 22 switch plates (maximum 24 switches).

Rear panel includes: XLR 5-pin thru and out DMX, IEC power connector, main power switch, and dip switches to set start address and mode.


Case Studies & Testimonials

The life and times of the stock Prospero


The life and times of the stock Prospero
Custom cue light panels


Custom cue light panels