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Miranda Features

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Miranda

Miranda is a modular, flexible, and infinitely scalable lighting control system.  It’s easy to commission, easy to monitor, and easy to use – all at an affordable price.

To learn more about all of Miranda’s many features, read on below. 
For a quick overview of the system, head back to the main Miranda Page.

Basic Specs

  • small, affordable 2-universe lighting controller
  • available with DMX output for permanent and portable use, as well as addressable LED control
  • options for 1-gang button station, or controllable through app or web
  • built for industrial temperatures, permitting installation in unconditioned cabinets
  • secure, cloud-connected website allows control without a high-speed or high-reliability connection
  • supports up to 900 attributes (around 300 fixtures) per controller
  • run cues on up to 12 faders simultaneously
  • supports snapshots, cues, and direct web or app control of fixtures
  • internal timeclock engine supports triggering cues on startup, responding to button presses, and triggering from date/time or astrotime triggers

Infinitely Scalable,
Modular and Flexible

  • modular controls can be distributed based on each project’s needs
  • real-time control happens locally, allowing for creation of small networks with lighter infrastructure, since they don’t need to support real-time sACN traffic
  • seamless operation between controllers allows for synchronized playback, even while on different networks
  • easily scalable by connecting multiple Mirandas together; start with just what you need and grow from there, without the need to rework the system

Easy to Install, Setup
and Maintain

  • easy for electrical contractors, and even end-users, to install – just connect to power and internet, and Miranda is online
  • setup and programming can be done completely remotely, as can many diagnostics and repairs – greatly reduces the need to send techs to the job site 
  • keep shelf-stock Mirandas to deploy onto projects or installations as needed
  • ship replacement units directly to end users – no need for a technician to visit the site
  • easily create user accounts with specific permissions
  • allow end users access to preset recall, without the ability to accidentally change configuration
  • passwordless login ties each account to a single individual, making staff changeovers simple and seamless: your former employees lose access to the lighting systems when they lose access to their email

Intuitive Programming and End-User Support

  • intuitive programming interface makes writing cues and updating showfiles quick and simple
  • establish networks of Miranda devices, patch and live control fixtures, write cues, and schedule triggers
  • organize controllers into systems, which abstract away the system architecture, letting you work with fixtures across many networks in the way that makes sense for your design
  • run cues on up to 12 separate faders, allowing for everything from complex, dynamic effects to very simple abstractions (i.e. one fader for color, one for on/off with astrotime triggers)
  • supports snapshots and direct control of fixtures via web or app
  • number of cues and triggers is limited only by onboard storage – no artificial limits
  • contact-closure inputs allow Miranda to receive triggers from other control systems
  • easy web interface gives end users ability to trigger cues from anywhere

Cloud Connectivity

  • all Miranda controllers are cloud-connected without third-party integrations but can, of course, function without internet connectivity
  • cloud storage of showfile, monitoring and diagnostics
  • cloud connectivity lets integrators and designers set up the controller, program cues, and update show files from anywhere
  • monitor health from anywhere
  • trigger presets from anywhere
  • access from anywhere with an internet connection
  • online monitoring and alerts reduce time spent at job site
  • realtime fixture monitoring directly from the controller (coming soon!)

Types Of Miranda Controllers

Miranda DMX

Installation controller for 2 universes of DMX


Portable controller for 2 universes of DMX