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cobweb square small

Compact dimmer card

  • (2) 12VDC PWM DC outputs
  • DMX or sACN control
  • Direct power or PoE power
  • Network configurable
  • Contact closure to fire UDP or OSC commands
  • Indicator LEDs for DMX, sACN, power, output and input states
  • Dimming resolution: 8-bit
  • Supports direct power (15-48VDC), passive PoE at 48VDC, or 802.3af PoE as a Class 0.


The Story

Cobweb is a compact sACN/DMX DC dimmer card that can be built into props, practicals and set electrics. It is also compatible with the Prospero DMX Cue Light Panel and can be used to build custom cue lights for Prospero and other systems.

A powerful little card, Cobweb supports two channels of PWM control, at a fixed 12VDC output and a limit of 0.5A (6W) split between the two outputs. It has 3.81mm pluggable Phoenix connectors for all inputs and outputs except for Ethernet, for which it has a standard RJ45 jack.

Cobweb supports a single contact closure input, which can send either a UDP or OSC message when pressed. It can take DMX directly, or it can take a single universe of sACN via Ethernet.

For the Stage Manager


For the Electrician


Product Details

  • 3”L x 1.5”W x 1.5”H (height w/connectors)
  • Connectors:
    • DMX Input: 3-pin 3.81mm Phoenix
    • Ethernet: RJ45
    • External Power: 2-pin 3.81mm Phoenix (no polarity)
    • Contact closure: 2-pin 3.81mm Phoenix
    • 12VDC Outputs: 2-pin 3.81mm Phoenix (total of two)
  • Maximum output per channel: 6W, 0.5A, 12VDC
  • Maximum output both channels combined: 6W, 0.5A, 12VDC