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Miranda test

Portable Cloud-connected lighting controls

  • Rugged aluminum case with XLR connectors
  • Up to 900 attributes (300 RGB fixtures)
  • Supports realtime remote control and programming of snapshots
  • Recall pre-programmed cues and effects
  • Tweak lighting levels on the fly through the cloud
  • Onboard diagnostic LEDs provide realtime status
  • Supports sACN bridging, allowing cloud control via sACN


The Story

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, we suddenly had the need for a robust portable lighting controller that could be controlled through the cloud, allowing the lighting team to be as remote as possible.  This was especially important as production shifted from large studio work to small-scale productions distributed into performers’ homes.  

CineMiranda is a rugged and shippable controller that lets you deploy lighting anywhere, without having to be on site to control it.   

Like all Mirandas, it supports running cues and recalling snapshots.   CineMiranda also supports a unique sACN Input Bridge feature that allows you to route your existing lighting control console to multiple remote sites.   This lets you to control the lighting in realtime, from an interface you already know, and then save into snapshots that can be recalled from the remote CineMirandas.  

CineMiranda’s 2 DMX output ports can be used as two independent universes, or they can be mirrored for a single DMX output universe for a split topology or redundancy.

NOTE:  sACN Input Bridge is limited to 4 frames per second!

Miranda Controls

  • Infinitely scalable, modular and flexible
  • Easy to install, setup and maintain
  • Intuitive programming and end-user support
  • Cloud-connected for ease of use, but fully functional without an internet connection

Why Is CineMiranda Special? 

  • Rugged design with industry-standard connectors
  • sACN Input Bridging brings your existing console into the cloud
  • Diagnostic LEDs facilitate remote support

Product Details

Size:  3.5″ x 6.99″ x 2.41″
Weight: 1.25 lbs.


  • (2) DMX outputs (two universes or one universe mirrored)
  • 10/100 Ethernet Port, auto-MDIX

  • 5VDC power supply

  • Temperature range: -40°C – +70°C

  • Fits snugly in a Pelican 1100 case


  • Two universes of DMX, up to 300 RGB fixtures or 900 attributes
  • Sync multiple units together, even if not on the same network
  • Remote control, remote programming, and remote diagnostics
  • Supports sACN Input Bridge, allowing control of multiple remotes from a single device
See the whole Miranda family of controllers for more features and output options!


Case Studies & Testimonials

3 performers, 1 lighting director, all in their own homes


3 performers, 1 lighting director, all in their own homes
Remote TV lighting in an airstream trailer


Remote TV lighting in an airstream trailer