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ganymede 1X2 ratio DPI 79

Network Button Station

  • Single-gang button station
  • Standard decorator-style face plate
  • Programmable color-changing buttons
  • 10-50VDC or PoE
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Sends commands to up to two devices on the network so your primary and backup can stay in sync
  • Buttons can be remotely controlled via OSC
  • Controls other devices on the network via OSC or UDP


The Story

Ganymede Network Button Station is a 1-gang device that can send UDP or OSC strings to other devices on your network.

This allows you to recall presets, fire macros, adjust audio levels, trigger building automation systems, and many other operations that expose simple network interfaces.

For the Integrator

  • Very simple manufacturer-agnostic installation
  • Multiple power supply options
  • Fits in nearly any gang box, no special type required
  • Web programming, no complex software to learn

For the End User

  • Easy to use pushbutton interface
  • Available in white, black, and custom colors
  • Standard face plate allows you to swap it out to match the room
  • Button colors can change to match design themes, and buttons are available with custom label engraving
  • Button mechanism has a 50 million cycle rating

Product Details


• 8 RGB-backlit buttons
• Fits in a standard 1-gang backbox
• Standard RJ45 ethernet connector
• Power is either PoE (802.3af or 48V passive) or 10-50V
• Standard in white or black with screwless cover plate
• Custom colors and engraving available


• Programs through a simple web interface on the device itself, no external software needed
• Buttons can send one message to one or two IPs, allowing messages to be sent to both the primary and backup controller
• Button color changes can be triggered by button actions or remotely via OSC messages
• Button colors can be individually programmed