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An Interview with Rosalind about her Lite vs. Pro Features

Rosalind now comes in two different versions: Rosalind Lite, and the more fully-featured Rosalind Pro. To learn more about the differences between the two, Lawrence sat down with her to ask her some questions.


Rosalind Lite vs. Rosalind Pro - What's the Difference?

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Lawrence: So, I hear you have a new “Lite” version now – is it as easily programmable as Rosalind Pro?

Rosalind: Yes! Rosalind Lite can be programmed via DMX from a lighting console – just program your snapshots, and you’re good to go! If you prefer RDM, Rosalind Lite has the same RDM programming features as Rosalind Pro, so you can choose whichever works best for your team and project.

It looks like the Lite has fewer ports than the Pro – why is that?

As a simplified controller, the Lite has no Ethernet port, so it can’t be programmed via web interface the way the Pro can. This also means the Lite doesn’t support sACN or UDP – if you need those features, you’ll want to go with the Pro.

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Can Rosalind Lite handle DMX Input HTP Merge?

Nope, that’s also a Pro feature.

How many pages of presets does Rosalind Lite have?

Rosalind Lite just has one page of 8 presets, compared to the 8 pages (64 presets total) on Rosalind Pro.

What are laser engraved button labels?

With laser engraving, text and icons aren’t printed on the buttons – they’re actually engraved out of the paint so the light behind glows through. This makes them very readable (even in the dark), and also makes it so that a LOT of paint has to get worn off before the text becomes unreadable, giving them a very long life. If they ever do get worn off, you can just pop off the keycaps and replace them with new ones, since they’re so easily interchanged.

What if I want different color buttons and faceplate, or for all the buttons to have different icons on them?

Color customization is not Rosalind Lite’s thing – for that, you’ll need to use the Pro. Sets of custom engraved keycaps are available separately, so you can swap out the Lite buttons for black or white keycaps of your own design. (But the Pro can be tailored to your needs with custom button engraving and custom colors!)

I know programming presets is super easy – so how do I keep my students from reprogramming all the buttons???
(Asking for a friend.)

You can enable the “record lockout” feature, making it impossible to reprogram the buttons without disabling the lockout by RDM. That’s available on both versions!

So, with all these feature differences, how do I know which version of Rosalind is right for me?

Rosalind Lite is great for smaller, simpler projects that only need snapshot control and don’t need more than 8 different looks. If you want more than 8 snapshots, built-in looks and effects, the flexibility to configure buttons individually, or the ability to program through a web interface, you’ll want to go with a Rosalind Pro instead.

We’ve got a comparison chart below, so you can see exactly what you’re getting and make the best choice for your project!

Want to learn more?  Get all the details and specs on Rosalind Pro & Lite or contact us for a demo!