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Sarah Deutsch

General Manager

Sarah has been organizing the world around her since the age of 3, when she explained to her mom how to rearrange her errands more efficiently to make time to stop at the bakery for cookies (her love of organizing is matched only by her love of chocolate).  That was also the year that she fell in love with theatre, sitting in the front row of the balcony at a production of Peter Pan, clapping her hands to bring Tinkerbell back to life.

She got her first taste of stage management on her sixth grade class’ stage adaptation of Clue and her first professional experience ASMing for three seasons at Pittsburgh Musical Theatre while still in high school.  After receiving her BFA in Stage Management from Carnegie Mellon, she relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she served as PSM for the Conservatory at ACT for 4 years, as well as teaching stage management workshops, mentoring the young stage managers working under her, and SMing productions for a variety of other Bay Area theater companies.

Sarah Deutsch
Sarah Deutsch

Eventually, Sarah realized that she enjoyed the organizational aspects of her job almost as much as the theatrical ones and moved on to start her own business as a freelance personal organizer.  After moving back to Pittsburgh in 2009, she continued to help friends and family to successfully start and organize their businesses, while also building and running her own boutique letterpress printing company. 

When Ben started Trinculo’s Attic in 2011, Sarah jumped on board to organize everything about the newly-formed business.

The hats she wears at BPI offer Sarah the perfect chance to combine her passion for theatre and her love of organizing and running a business, and she’s thrilled to be running things behind the scenes so Ben can do his technology thing.