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Maggie Peoples

Chief Fun Officer

Maggie moved into her first office at BPI when she was 2 years old.  She often spent the afternoon creating art for the shop walls, and occasionally helped her dad unpack boxes of supplies and fixtures as they came in.

She started testing cue light panels when she was 4, and has become BPI’s most devoted QA manager, making sure every light lights up when the switch is flipped.

Maggie Headshot
Maggie Peoples

Maggie’s role in the company has grown over the years, and she now serves as our Chief Fun Officer, planning sticker promotions and painting murals on the walls of our new offices.  She is also our main architect and visionary, working diligently on plans for the day when BPI expands our North Braddock campus to include a donut and sandwich shop, apple orchard, mini-golf course, and a secret entrance hidden inside a telephone booth.

In her free time, Maggie can often be found reading, dancing, building Lego creations, gardening with her Nana, baking with her Mom, and playing Minecraft with her dad.

Maggie Peoples