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Lee Schuster

Shop & facilities Manager 

Lee has always had a desire to experience new things and understand what makes them tick. While attending WVU for physics, he discovered a talent for poker and began playing in the local games. After college, he continued to make a living playing poker and teaching others how to play it for a few years.

After that, he embraced his love of the culinary world and began his journey to becoming a chef. For over a decade he worked in many upscale restaurants throughout the Pittsburgh area, learning different cuisines and restaurant styles along the way.



He’s also had jobs in data analysis, healthcare, hotels, construction, and driving cab. Lee hopes to combine the skills learned from these different disciplines to bring a new perspective to BPI. From the lessons learned from construction and old hotel buildings, to the “mise en place” required to keep track of hundreds of unique electronic components, there is no shortage of things to learn at BPI.

Lee lives in Brookline these days with his wonderful wife Kelly. They have three dogs (Betty Davis, Murphy, Wally) and two cats (Mary Ann, Delilah). All pets are proud rescues. In his free time, Lee enjoys playing board games, card games, and video games. He’s picked up woodworking in the last few years, and he also enjoys composting and gardening.