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Ari Cobb

Shop manager

Ari has been a maker since very early childhood, gaining an interest in carpentry by the time she was in kindergarten when her dad taught her to use a drill putting together a sukkah in the backyard. Since then her drive to create has expanded into learning skills in digital art, sewing, painting, VFX makeup, 3D printing, prop making, baking, and so much more.

Ari Headshot
Fun Ari Shot

Her first real introduction to the world of technical theatre came in 7th grade when helping to build a set for the middle school play. She loved the collaborative building experience and this avenue of storytelling. Ultimately this led her to being a lead carpenter for most of her high school career, as well as the sound board op. She attended Carnegie Mellon University and graduated with a BFA in Technical Direction. She now lives in Shadyside with her childhood cat Pumpkin.

Ari joined BPI back in September 2022 as temporary help to build their booth for LDI and ended up sticking around; currently assisting with shop organization and product production.

Ari Cat