Bridging the Gaps in Entertainment Technology

About Ben Peoples Industries

We’re a small studio with a love of big challenges. Every system has its holes, its inefficient spots, the places that make you say, “If only I had a thing that did this, the whole system would work perfectly.” Since opening our shop in 2011, we’ve sought out those holes and sticky spots and worked to create the most elegant solution for each – be it a customizable DMX cue light panel, an easy-to-use alert system for architainment monitoring, or a football that senses when it’s been kicked and sends data to a custom app. Our clients come to us with unique problems, and we love working with them to find innovative solutions that fit their needs.

Our studio is based in Pittsburgh, but we’ve worked on projects and events from New York to California to Australia. Our clients include large scene shops and production companies, small community theatres and public art presenters, and everyone in between. You can see a list of some of the folks we’ve worked with here, and find more details on some of the projects we’ve done here.

Who We Are

Ben PeoplesBen Peoples – founder, president, mastermind, gadget builder, code writer, troubleshooter, tinkerer, teacher, photographer, kite flyer, mad scientist, lover of all things robotic and electronic

Ben has been playing with electronics since he started programming in Basic on his Commodore 64 at the age of 4 (and then took it apart when it died to suss out the problem). His love of theatre began a little later, with his stage debut as The Tallest Munchkin in his elementary school production of The Wizard of Oz. In the years since, Ben gave up the limelight to study lighting design and technical direction, leading to 10 years of work in the theatre consulting industry. He also (mostly) stopped taking apart household appliances in favor of learning embedded electronics and building his own gadgets – everything from camera controllers to electrical test equipment for theatre consultants. He began exploring the possibilities of embedded electronics for theatre use in early 2011 and founded Trinculo’s Attic with the goal of making embedded technology more accessible to his friends and colleagues in the theatre world.  Trinculo’s Attic grew and spun off several sister companies and a variety of new products, all of which have now come together again as Ben Peoples Industries.

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Sarah Deutsch – master organizer, long-term planner, budget balancer, product packager, teacher, storyteller, book addict, electronics newbie, lover of all things ice cream and chocolate

Sarah has been organizing the world around her since the age of 3, when she explained to her mom how to rearrange her errands more efficiently to make time to stop at the bakery for cookies (her love of organizing is matched only by her love of chocolate). She spent 10 years as a stage manager and another 4 as a personal organizer before jumping on board to organize everything about the newly-formed Trinculo’s Attic in 2011. She doesn’t know much about electronics (though she’s learning!), but she’s thrilled to be running things behind the scenes so Ben can do his technology thing. Plus, an excuse to read more business planning and organization books? Never a bad thing.

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