The North Face – Interactive Taxi Experience

The North Face – Interactive Taxi Experience

In 2014, The North Face surprised unsuspecting taxi passengers in Manhattan with the chance to drop everything they were doing and head straight out of town for an outdoor adventure. They wanted a touchscreen in the back seat of the cab to show the passenger a short video, and then let them press buttons to choose whether they were up for an adventure.

We worked with TPG to create an interactive touchscreen-based video player that combined the video elements provided by our client, as well as producing animations for the internal flow of the system.

The flow of the app was fairly simple: there was an introductory video that played when the passenger got into the cab, and then they were offered a yes or no choice of whether to head off on an adventure. They then had to confirm that choice, triggering another video based on their decision. Finally, a looping video played for the rest of their ride.

In addition to the screen in the back seat, we also proved them with a small control panel for the taxi driver. This let the driver start the video when a passenger got in and reset the video after their ride, and it provided the driver with visual feedback as to the choices made in the back seat.

Below are a few videos of pieces of the animation, plus the ad campaign that The North Face ran after the taxi experience ended. It made a lot of people very happy!

The choice:

The yes:

The results:

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