The Juliet (candle)

The Juliet (candle)

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When we started Trinculo’s Attic back in 2011, one of our goals was to develop simple off-the-shelf electronics products for use in theatrical productions. The first of these products was the Juliet candle, a simple circuit board with an LED attached that simulated the natural flicker of a candle. A small modular device with add-on switches, sensors and power supplies, the Juliet could be built into the guts of a prop and programmed to behave as needed.

What makes our candle unique, in addition to the low-profile design, is our realistic flicker profiles: during development, we actually recorded several hours of sensor data from real candles, and the Juliet’s algorithm plays back that recording. We have four different flicker profiles, and they can be programmed to start at various points in the loop, so multiple candles on the same stage will never end up flickering in sync, as can happen with other types of LED candles.

Over the last few years, we’ve had customers use our candle modules onstage in everything from single tea lights and tapers to 16-point chandeliers; we’ve also adapted the candles for use in restaurant lighting and store window displays.

How it Works

The Juliet candle is a small integrated LED candle module that simulates the natural flicker of a candle.  The candle went through many changes during development, with the final version featuring modular connections and more power capability in a much more flexible platform.

Candles are typically supplied in a modular configuration; they can also be supplied fully soldered together if space is critical, although this makes for a less durable arrangement.

Power options:

  • No boost:  The base candle unit can take a 1.8V to 5V DC supply and supports up to 2000mA LEDs.
  • Boost:  Takes between 1V and 5V, outputs a solid 5V continuously and supports up to 100mA LEDs.

Control options:

  • None:  The base candle is simply on at full brightness whenever voltage is applied.
  • Dimming:  Adds a small screwdriver operated dial (pot) that will let you set the brightness level.  This scales the flickering from about 5% to 100% of normal brightness.
  • Light sensor:  Adds a light sensor to the candle that allows it to turn off in the dark.  The dimming pot then adjusts the sensitivity of the light sensor.

See this video for details on light sensor operation.

Flicker Profiles

The candle has a total of 100 seconds of flicker profiles stored onboard. These profiles are based off of recordings of real candles, and on startup, the candles start at a random point in the recording to avoid syncing between multiple candles. However, if you have more than 18 candles on stage, there is a 50% chance that two or more will start up at the same place in the data.

We have four candle profiles available: A, B, C, & D.  For individual candle units, we generally ship profile A; if you order more than 18 units, we’ll ship you a mixed group to avoid syncing.

For more info on how we developed the Juliet and our realistic flicker profiles, check out this blog post.