The MSC Box is a unique tool that gives you visibility into your MSC message stream. It also allows you to pause the data stream, letting you temporarily isolate portions of your show control system.

The Box uses a relay to physically connect and disconnect the MIDI line, leaving no latency changes whether it’s installed inline or not. The large screen shows information about the last message received and flashes blue as new messages come in.

When the screen is green, messages will pass normally; if the screen is red, messages will not pass through. The state of the box is easily changed with using the button on top of the box.


  • Size: 3.12″x1.85″x5.5″
  • 20×4 RGB LCD Screen
  • Momentary pushbutton on top
  • Reversible (left/right) cable entry panel with:
    • (2) MIDI DIN connectors
    • (1) 2.1mm barrel jack (5VDC Input, USB compatible)
  • Aluminum case


  • Decodes and displays SysEx cue messages
  • Uses electromechanical relay to interrupt both lines of MIDI signal
  • Relay is non-latching/normalling; disconnecting the power will cause the signal to pass through
  • Screen color indicates pass-through status (Red=pause; Green=pass)
  • Screen flashes blue when new message comes in
  • No setup or configuration required

Download the cut sheet here.