Miranda Show (waterproof)

Miranda Show (waterproof)

Miranda Show takes our Miranda DMX controller and puts it in an entirely waterproof IP65 enclosure, passing all cabling through similarly rated connections. This creates a box that you can deploy anywhere, under nearly any conditions. As a bonus, the polycarbonate enclosure permits WiFi signals through, allowing for infrastructures based around 2.4GHz WiFi and potentially eliminating cable runs.

We see applications for this in all sorts of installation environments, but it can be useful for live production environments as well. Wet-rated light fixtures have become relatively common, but being able to achieve the same rating in your lighting controller is difficult; with Miranda Show, you have an outdoor rated lighting controller in an off-the-shelf product.

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  • Size: 8.25”x6”x2.5”
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Enclosure: UV-resistant black polycarbonate. Color-changing resettable desiccant inside box prevents moisture build-up, indicates when it needs to be reset.
  • Output: (2) isolated DMX outputs, IP65 Neutrik NC5FX-HD tails through cable gland.
  • Power: powerCON TRUE1 inlet and passthrough outlet.
  • Data: (2) switched 10/100 ethernet ports with 24VDC passive PoE, allows daisy-chaining. Ports have an integral cable gland (gland wraps your cable creating a completely waterproof connection when installed).


Miranda Show includes all the typical tools you would expect out of an installation lighting controller, plus a variety of unique features:

  • Functions as either an sACN Node or standalone playback unit. Fallback on loss-of-signal, or triggered switch from external input to internal cues.
  • Daisy-chaining PoE ethernet reduces the network and power cabling required.
  • Synchronized playback between multiple units on different networks allows for unbelievable opportunities to distribute the lighting throughout a building, theme park, or city.
  • Internet-based monitoring, programming, and control allows for updates to happen from anywhere, without having a direct connection to the lighting network.
  • Astrotime or scheduled triggers.
  • Remote triggers via ethernet or contact closure.
  • Built-in lighting effects library, permitting easy programming of systems.
  • Wide ambient temperature support (-40C to +80C) permits installation in unconditioned cabinets.

For a complete list of features and specs, download the cut sheet here, or contact us to discuss a Miranda installation for your project!

For examples of some current Miranda installations, check out our Mirandas in Action page.