Miranda DC Dimmer

Miranda DC Dimmer

Miranda DC Dimmer is a hardwired PWM dimmer for 12VDC loads. Rather than use a DMX-driven PWM dimmer, you can dim your PWM loads directly over Ethernet. Like the rest of the Miranda line, it supports running internal cues, taking external sACN, or doing a mix of both.

Additionally, the Miranda DC Dimmer can control external LED ballasts that support PWM-based dimming, giving you distributed Ethernet-based control of a variety of fixture types.

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  • Size: 2.5″x4.75″x1.25″
  • Weight: 6 oz.
  • Enclosure: Anodized black aluminum
  • Output: (6) Independent outputs, 5A/60W maximum each. 3.5mm terminal block dimmed outputs (low side PWM dimming).
  • Power:
    • 5mm terminal block power input (12VDC, 120W maximum total).
    • May be powered off the 12VDC rail, separate 5VDC input (3.5mm terminal), or 24VDC passive PoE. External power allows relay switching of 12VDC supply and/or monitoring of 12VDC supply health by the Miranda.
    • 5VDC power input via 3.5mm pluggable terminal block.
  • Data: (2) switched 10/100 ethernet ports with 24VDC passive PoE, allows daisy-chaining.


Miranda DC Dimmer includes all the typical tools you would expect out of an installation lighting controller, plus a variety of unique features:

  • Functions as either an sACN Node or standalone playback unit. Fallback on loss-of-signal, or triggered switch from external input to internal cues.
  • Daisy-chaining PoE ethernet reduces the network and power cabling required.
  • Synchronized playback between multiple units on different networks allows for unbelievable opportunities to distribute the lighting throughout a building, theme park, or city.
  • Internet-based monitoring, programming, and control allows for updates to happen from anywhere, without having a direct connection to the lighting network.
  • Astrotime or scheduled triggers.
  • Remote triggers via ethernet or contact closure.
  • Built-in lighting effects library, permitting easy programming of systems.
  • Wide ambient temperature support (-40C to +80C) permits installation in unconditioned cabinets.

For a complete list of features and specs, download the cut sheet here, or contact us to discuss a Miranda installation for your project!

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