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Elliott Queale


Elliot has always had a passion for tinkering and creating. Ever since he was a kid, he was always looking for ways to build new things, from Lego cities to Snap-Circuit electronics, Rokenbok systems, and even a small stage with a makeshift split-traveler curtain in his basement. It wasn’t until the latter half of high school that he discovered theatre and hasn’t looked back since. Elliot went on to attend the University of Delaware as a physics major, which he still loves to learn about. There, he continued working in theatre through their student organization HTAC and the Delaware REP as a carpenter and electrician. Through this work he realized that theatre was his true calling and changed his major to mechanical engineering to pursue a career in technical theatre. Throughout his undergraduate studies he worked on a variety of projects with companies such as Siemens, SouthCo, and even the Melissa and Doug toy company.

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He continued to work full time at the Delaware REP as a carpenter under their technical director (and former classmate of Ben and Sarah!) Keith Davis, who connected him to Carnegie Mellon’s graduate program, which Elliot began in 2019. Though his time there has been altered due to the COVID pandemic, he has had wonderful opportunities through the university to continue his studies in technical theatre while also taking graduate courses in engineering.

During his first year, he took Ben’s embedded electronics workshop for TD students, which Ben then handed off to him to teach the following semester. Having known Ben already, Elliot began a remote internship with BPI this past spring, which ultimately led him to becoming a mechanical designer with the company!

Elliot also enjoys many other STEM related activities, especially if they involve being outside. He has previously worked as an engineering intern for the drone systems company Equinox Innovative Systems, and enjoys flying drones around his father’s farm where he also lives out his dream of operating heavy machinery.

He has always looked to the skies, having taken flying lessons as early as his 13th birthday for both power planes and gliders, which he hopes to continue doing this summer. He currently lives on the water with his mother, where he sometimes takes extended lunches to go on a boat ride or kayak around the bay.

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