Chazz Malott

Front-End Developer & Support Technician

Chazz’s passion for theatre and technology began at a young age when his love for video games sparked an interest in story telling and problem solving. That passion led him to the University of Michigan, where he pursued a degree in software engineering. He spent more time in the theatre than behind his computer, earning himself a minor in lighting design. After school, Chazz found himself working as a software engineer for a trading firm in Chicago and relegating his theatrical work to evenings and weekends. After three years, he was itching to work on live events full-time and pursued a graduate degree in lighting design at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama.



Chazz’s passions for lighting design, technology, and live events drove him to reach out to Ben shortly after graduating. He hopes to combine his skill sets to develop and support the tools that BPI creates, and to help advance the lighting industry.

Over the years, Chazz has developed a stage management website to optimize workflow, prototyped an affordable moving-mirror fixture, discovered security vulnerabilities in lighting applications, and many more projects (most of which have been shelved).


Chazz has worked as a lighting designer from Connecticut to California, with the majority of his designs happening in Chicago’s storefront theatres.

Between his time in Chicago and Pittsburgh, Chazz could be found on the side of the road somewhere between Detroit and Ushuaia, cursing and attempting to fix his motorcycle.