Weekly Roundup: 3/28/16

Now that Mix N’ Match is up and running, Ben’s been spending most of his time finishing development on Horatio, which is coming out of beta in the next few weeks. Most of what he’s doing is back-end database voodoo, but here’s a few sneak peeks at some of the new features he’s implementing – plus some handy reports from the Horatio that’s monitoring the Mix N’ Match installation.

Mix N’ Match Grand Opening

Mix N’ Match, the public art installation that Ben’s been working on in Market Square all week, had its grand opening at the Bicentennial Gallery Crawl this past Friday, and it was a huge hit!

We’ll be posting more details about the project and our part in it later this week, but for now, check out this great write-up in the Trib, see a few more of our photos below, and stop by Market Square to play with it yourself!

Weekly Roundup (we’re trying something new!)

One of Ben’s favorite things about his job is that it’s always changing – one day he’s in the shop, building a Prospero for a Broadway show, and the next he’s creating the scoreboard system for a new kind of basketball tournament. By the end of every week he has a new and interesting collection of photos, videos, bits of code and data dumps, so we’re going to try sharing some of those glimpses of his work here.

Every Monday, we’ll post a roundup of the happenings at BPI from the last week. Just a little peek at a week in the Life of Ben!

Sneak Peek: Mix N’ Match

Just a sneak peek at what Ben’s working on this week: an art installation called Mix N’ Match that opens in Market Square on Friday and runs through the end of April. Starting tomorrow he’ll be in the Square with the awesome folks from Flyspace Productions all day every day, rain or shine, ’till they get this thing up and running. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi!

Fightball 2016!

Ben was in New York last week for the opening of the Spring 2016 season of Fightball, a new, intense, one-on-one basketball competition.  We worked with TPG to create a new-and-improved scorekeeping system for this season, along with a couple of custom-built shot clocks that interface with it.

Check out the video below – you can see our scoreboard projected on the screen above the stands and the shot clocks above the two backboards.  And if you look closely, you can also see Ben sitting just to the right of the scoring table – right in the middle of the action!