Introducing Horatio

We’re excited to finally be able to announce the new product we’ve been developing for the last few months:  say hello to Horatio!


Horatio is a manufacturer agnostic system that integrates with your lighting network and monitors all devices in order to send you alerts when your system isn’t working as it should.

Horatio dramatically increases your visibility of the inner workings of a lighting system from wherever you are, using the rack-mounted Horatio Bridge Device to link your lighting network to a variety of monitoring tools on the website. This web interface allows you to monitor almost anything through your ethernet network; supported protocols currently include ARP, TCP, CITP, RDM , DMX, Lyntec RPC, Syslog, and OSC.

We’re currently beta testing, and we expect to ship the first Horatio Bridge Devices in January 2016. I’ll have a beta unit with me at LDI this week, though, so drop me a line if you’d like to check it out, or visit for more details.


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