IDeATe Media Lab Lighting

Last year, Carnegie Mellon University renovated the basement of Hunt Library into the new home of their Integrative Design, Arts and Technology Network (IDeATe).  IDeATe is an interdisciplinary program that integrates computer science, engineering and the arts, and we had the pleasure of consulting with Campus Planning on the design and construction of the new facilities.

This summer, we swapped our Theatre Consultant hat for that of Lighting Systems Integrator for IDeATe’s black box media lab, helping them come up with a system that would best serve the wide variety of classes being taught in the lab.  Last week we loaded in the lighting, which consists of an array of RGB fixtures designed to interface to Max/MSP for the Immersive Environments class being taught by Reid Simmons and Anne Mundell.  They’ll be using sensor platforms to dictate what the lighting should be doing, as well as delving into other generative lighting systems.

We’ve played with generative lighting before (you might remember our cellular automata lighting design from Carnegie Mellon’s production of Antigone), so we were thrilled to help get this system set up for IDeATe.  They’re going to do some amazing things!

Check out the video below for a time-lapse of the lighting installation (you’ll get a sneak peek of the lights in action starting around 2:10!).

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